macka diamond

macka diamond

Dancehall superstar Macka Diamond has released a new single Dye Dye on the Truck Back records imrpint. The sexually charged single is generating a lot of attention, especially in the street dances in the Corporate Area.

“A lot of dancehall people love it, they say it is a bit naughty but dem a work with it. The Dye Dye song shell Boasy Tuesday the other night, Boom Boom tun it up and it ah play ah Gi Weh Wednesdays, too. Mi blast it to a lot of sound people and Internet radio too and the response has been great,” Macka Diamond said in a release.

In the meantime, Macka‘s popular single Forty And Fabulous is still in the top 10 of the HYPE TV Top 20 charts, while another song, Mi Bless, on the Chase Mills Records-Pusha Yute Records imprint, is also generating a lot of airplay on IRIE, ZIP and HITZ.

The video for Forty And Fabulous is generating excellent play on CVM Hitlist. Her fans can text 52 to 444-2442 to vote for the video.

“People are loving the video, especially the Baywatch scene where I am running in a red bathing suit. I am getting a lot of calls from promoters overseas, crazy emails ah come to me pon maccadiamondbookings@gmail.com so right now, the whole 2013 looks promising,” she said.

Macka Diamond recently returned to Jamaica after a club show on January 18 in Florida, and she will be one of the headline acts at the annual ‘Follow Di Arrow‘ stage show on March 2 at James Bond Beach in St Mary.

The Bun Him singer has carved out an enviable reputation in the biz because of her incredible work ethic, persistence and determination. She has been able to carve out a career that has gone beyond just music recording and stage performances in Jamaica, as she is an author, releasing her second novel, Naughty or Nice: Bun Him Part Two.

“I am 40 and loving it, mi just a push along with my career, mi a keep fit, eat healthy and do what I love. I am really having a good time,” she said.

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